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“Yours is the only newsletter I read IMMEDIATELY upon receipt. No kidding.”
                                        – Sue Blaney

“I don’t subscribe to many email newsletters anymore, but this newsletter is the bomb! Great content, great giveaways and top-notch interviews and reviews.”
                                        – Ellen Edwards

“This is the only e-newsletter that actually has news!”
                                        – Denyse Schmidt

“I love your writing. You bring a fresh perspective and credible journalism to the subject of quilts.”
                                        – Mary Nelson

“Your monthly newsletter gets better by the year. I’m so glad that I found it when it was started.”
                                        – Jan Rodgers

“I always look forward to your “Tell Alls.” In decades past Quilters Newsletter magazine was the only source for news of the quilting community. Now you are that source.”
                                        – Del Thomas

“I look forward to and value each of your newsletters. I subscribed after watching your segment on The Quilt Show. Your vibrant energy is contagious!”
                                        – Rebecca Buchanan

“Thank you for your newsletter. I learn tons from reading it and get introduced to fabulous quilters and artists, like Bisa Butler.”
                                        – Elena Morera

“Your newsletter is always a “must read every word,” Meg. I look forward to it.”
                                        – Linda Carlson

“Really look forward to your email updates. So informative and interesting. Your info and links have taken me down so many roads I would otherwise have missed.”
                                        – Louise Smith

“I love, love, love receiving and reading your newsletters!”
                                        – Carolyn Edwards


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“Twenty Dresses” quilt pictured above by Jamie Fingal.