More Great Reviews!!!!

 I feel guilty about not blogging more, but I’ve been overwhelmed with deadlines. And then, there was that whole week we lost to Hurricane Sandy, here in New Jersey.

Now that things are getting back on track, here are a few recent reviews I want to share.

First off, a starred review in the November 15 issue of Library Journal called The Book of New Family Traditions “Browsable, readable, doable and lovable” and added, “This stellar offering belongs on the shelf of every library, and every kid’s home.”

Read the full Library Journal review here.

The Momma’s Bacon blog gave me a terrific review here.

As someone deeply involved with both family traditions and the modern world of quilting, I was delighted with this warm review from the hip new publication for quilters called Generation Q. Here is a photo from the review, which talked about the wonderful Christmas quilt tradition in the book. 








 Finally, I was delighted when Trina Dalziel, a British illustrator who did all the charming drawings in my book, blogged about her experience working on The Book of New Family Traditions.

Here is her blog post, and below is one of her delightful illustrations for the book.










Thanks, Trina!!!


I’ll be back here soon with a new post. Meanwhile, don’t forget that The Book of New Family Traditions makes a great holiday gift for a young family still trying to figure out how and what to celebrate. 








This Rocket Has LAUNCHED!!!

The author speaks!


My book launch party on Saturday night was a blast!!!!

Now, it is true that the bookstore neglected to get the press release out in time to meet local media deadlines, but the end result is that almost all the people who came were close friends.

It was so awesome to celebrate the book’s release with friends from every part of my life: quilters, writers, former colleagues from the Wall Street Journal, friends from church, my yoga teacher, my Pilates teacher (really, I should be in MUC better shape), and the librarian from my son’s grade school.
Not only that, almost everybody bought at least 2 books: one for themselves, and one for a gift.

There was such an outpouring of cookies, I was able to supply the church picnic the next day.
Thank you so much for all my dear, dear friends who came out and partied with me on this milestone day.

Special thanks to my pal Deb Hunter who not only stayed and helped me clean up the church kitchen, but hauled the garbage all the way to the dumpster and stayed behind to make sure I managed to lock ALL the many doors to the church.
My heart is full!!!!

My Book is OUT!!!! (Go Buy It, OK?)

Window at Jazams in Princeton


Finally, my publication date has arrived, and the book is landing in stores and online. 

I’ve already gotten my first reader review at (5 stars, no less).

I hope you’ll want to buy a copy: more than 300 rituals and celebrations for $16 is a steal.

If you want to buy an autographed copy, just click on the store photo above. Jazams, a fantastic toy and book store in Princeton, will mail you a signed copy, even a personalized one, if you are not in a hurry.

Wanna come to my book party? I’m having a Bring Your Own Cookies party on Saturday June 2, from 7 to 9 pm at the Unitarian Church in Princeton, 50 Cherry Hill Rod.

Need more information? send me an email at