Got Traditions? A Family Rituals Workshop Manual

NEW, step-by-step guide for community groups, religious educators and parent associations to teach families the basics of tradition-creation.

In this compact 47-page guidebook, there are detailed ideas for running a POWERFULLY MEANINGFUL workshop to last an hour, or a full day.

Book includes:

  • How to prepare & name your workshop
  • Props to illustrate the theme
  • A list of studies that prove the effectiveness of family traditions
  • Vivid anecdotes
  • Multiple small-group exercises
  • Crafts that include how to make & use a family dinner conversation basket
  • Four handouts on topics such as Problem-Solving Rituals & Ritual Toolkits: Why You Need One, What to Put Into It.

This easy-to-use guidebook is based on dozens of successful workshops led by the author at schools, libraries, daycare centers and mothers’ groups. Although it is based on the principles of The Book of New Family Traditions, it functions as a stand-alone text.

Available as an eBook ($2.99) and paperback ($6.00) at