Celebration and Invitation: More Reasons to Hire Me


A photo of Wagner in a birthday hat from The Atlantic, but it expresses my mood, OK?

A photo of Wagner in a birthday hat from The Atlantic, but it expresses my mood, OK?

What am I celebrating right now?

The new edition of The Book of New Family Traditions just earned its 15th 5-star reader review at Amazon.com, and I’m celebrating how good it feels when people tell me I made their family life even better. 

This latest review is entitled: “Improving Family Life One Ritual At a Time” and Lauri B. had this to say in her comments on the book:

“Unless you have the all time perfect family, you might profit from a little help as to how to reinforce connections in an era when there are so many distractions. I got many wonderful ideas from this book, and I am implementing them now with excellent results. I have purchased this book for several young women as Mother’s Day gifts and they have all thanked me profusely. I also appreciate the references to other books that might help me delve into related topics, which I have done. This book is a gem.”

Lauri B., whoever you are, I thank YOU profusely!

There is tremendous value from reading a good book, but often, people are helped even more by hearing from an author in person, and getting to ask questions.

There is a wonderful YES jar ritual in the book, and I usually bring a Yes Jar to demonstrate.

There is a wonderful YES jar ritual in the book, and I usually bring a Yes Jar to demonstrate.

So, just a reminder, that I’m a skilled speaker and workshop-leader, and I work on this topic all the time. Currently, I’m starting to craft a workshop for a synagogue in Dallas, while working on a webinar about what to add and what to subtract when overwhelmed by the winter holidays. In addition, I’m preparing a Christmas holiday open house for a local retailer, with demos of fun and simple Christmas traditions. And working with school groups to help families overwhelmed by the digital technology create rituals using those devices in a limited and positive way.

Do you know a school, community, library, parenting or religious group that is looking for a powerful but practical workshop presentation? One real estate investment firm flew me to Atlanta for four figures just to lecture the employees during lunch hour, and a NJ drug company bought a copy of my book for every parent with a child in the daycare center on the premises (after I lectured at the daycare center). But many of my clients are non-profits, like libraries and museums, and I reduce my rates accordingly.

Send me a note at meg@megcox.com to discuss dates and topics, or click on the Hire Meg tab.  You’ll find out more about topics I’ve covered often in lectures and workshops, but I am happy to tailor a program just for your group. 



Oh, wait. One more thing worth celebrating: the number of people who have “Liked” my traditions page on Facebook is getting very close to 500. So, I’ve announced a fun giveaway. When I reach 500 “Likes,” I am giving away a wonderful one-of-a-kind Ritual Toolkit, based on my traditions philosophy. This special box will be packed with confetti poppers, special candles, bubbles, sage bundles and a whole lot more to help your family celebrate all the milestones ahead.

How to enter? Just go to www.facebook.com/TraditionsBook and leave a comment for me under the post about the giveaway. And, while you are there, Like the page. A name will be picked randomly from all the comments when the time comes.

Why Not Celebrate on Facebook too?

Why Not Celebrate on Facebook too?

 NOTE: My Traditions page on FB reached 500 “likes” in less than 24 hours!! Thanks to everyone who responded. I will be giving away another ritual toolkit, and extra goodies, when the page hits 1,000.